7 impactful ways to increase online sales of eco-friendly products

From customer research to giving your homepage a makeover, we explore the ways that Growth-Driven Design can help you create an eCommerce strategy to rival your mainstream competitors.

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Caroline McQueen ACIM

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You care about the environment, your customers, and your bottom line, but you’re unsure how to make the most of your ecommerce website while staying true to your ethical values. 

It’s hard to know where to start when building a sustainable brand online that can compete with the big players. It feels like you have to choose between making the world a better place and making money.

But it turns out that you don’t have to compromise on your values to run a successful ethical business. There’s a way for you to reach more customers and get ahead without compromising on your mission.

It starts with your website.

What is Growth-Driven Design?

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is an iterative and data-driven approach to website design. The goal of GDD is to continuously improve the performance of a website by making small, incremental changes based on customer feedback and your store’s analytics.

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The process can be especially beneficial for ecommerce websites as it can help to increase conversion rates and revenue. A study by Invesp showed that the average ecommerce website only converts 2.86% of visitors into customers.

For ethical brands, this number is likely to be even lower. Studies have shown that shoppers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, but they often have a hard time finding eco-friendly options online.

This is where Growth-Driven Design comes in. By constantly testing and improving your storefront, you can make it easier for ethically-minded shoppers to find and purchase your products.

How Growth-Driven Design helps ethical brands increase online sales

There are many reasons why ethical brands should consider using the Growth-Driven Design approach to increase online sales. Here are three of the most important benefits:

1. You can reach more ethically-minded shoppers

One of the biggest challenges for independent ethical companies is making themselves known to their market – and making their products more widely available. Conscious consumers often struggle to find quality eco-friendly products as readily as their unsustainable counterparts, which means that sustainable brands miss out on vital sales.

Studies show that the average ecommerce website only converts 2.86% of visitors into customers. For ethical brands, this number is likely to be even lower.

Study by Invesp CRO

By constantly improving the path to purchase via your website through customer feedback and store data, you can ensure that your products are easier to find and buy. This will help you to reach more ethically-minded shoppers and increase online sales.

2. It’s possible to grow your business sustainably

The traditional model of business growth can be damaging to both people and the planet. Growth-Driven Design offers a more sustainable approach to scaling online sales along with the size of your company. It’s a more cost-effective approach to website design and development as the are no major upfront costs. With GDD, you only pay for what you need, as your online store needs it.

By making small, incremental changes, you can avoid the waste that comes with large-scale, traditional website redesigns that are slow, costly, and often fail to deliver results. This approach also allows you to respond quickly to customer needs, providing features that aid the buying process – boosting online sales.

3. Stay true to your companies mission and ethical values

Another benefit of using GDD is that it allows you to stay true to your ethical values while still growing your business.

The process of making small changes based on customer feedback and analytics means that you can avoid the need for extensive marketing campaigns or selling products that don’t align with your ethical values – both of which can damage your reputation.

How to get started with Growth-Driven Design

Here are seven ways that you can start to improve your ecommerce store with Growth-Driven Design:

  1. Align your website goals with your business objectives
  2. Carry out customer research so that you can understand your customers’ wants and needs.
  3. Turn your customer feedback into buyer personas to represent your target market.
  4. Make a list of the features that you want to add to your website.
  5. Start small with the minimal amount of features you need on your site, then make incremental changes and track the results with analytics.
  6. Repeat the process continually.
  7. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly as over half of online traffic now comes from mobile devices.

By following these steps, you can start to increase online sales of your eco-friendly products using Growth-Driven Design. This approach will help you to make small, incremental changes that are based on customer feedback and data. It’s a more sustainable and ethical way to grow your online store.

What challenges have you faced when trying to increase online sales? Let us know in the comments.

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I help ambitious founders launch and scale unforgettable brands that effortlessly attract customers around the web and offline — without blowing the budget on social ads (Zuck that!) Off the clock, I enjoy Netflix marathons, French lessons, and exploring my local farmer’s market for culinary adventures.
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