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Shopify Editions Summer 2024: Your One-Stop Guide to Expanding & Streamlining Your Brand

From solopreneur to global brand, level up your online store with features that let you sell literally everywhere.

Written by

Caroline McQueen ACIM

Shopify Editions Summer 2024

what's in store

Just like that first glimpse of sunshine sparks a craving for refreshing iced lattes and breezy maxi dresses, it’s also a prime reminder to take stock of your online store’s summer readiness. This season is a golden opportunity to expand your reach and connect with new customers, but are your operations streamlined enough to handle the surge?

Enter Shopify Editions Summer ’24 with a treasure trove of features designed to empower your brand for growth and efficiency. This update takes “unification” as its mantra, bringing together powerful tools to simplify your operations while simultaneously helping you reach new heights. 

Imagine effortlessly managing customer loyalty programs, creating engaging in-store experiences with the touch of a button, or offering targeted promotions that drive sales. Sound too good to be true? With these latest updates, it’s not. 

This Edition equips you with the tools to make these visions a reality. So, ditch the summer slump and get ready to experience a season of growth and success with Shopify by your side!

1. Expand into New Markets with Unified Commerce

Say “goodbye” to siloed operations and “bonjour” to world domination because selling across borders just got much easier. Shopify Editions Summer ’24 reintroduced Markets as a dedicated surface in the Shopify admin. This powerful tool streamlines selling across B2B, retail, and regions, all within the familiar platform you know and love. A game-changer for ambitious brands ready to conquer new territories. 

Imagine seamlessly managing your existing store alongside a brand-new one targeted to European customers. With Markets from Shopify, you can create localised experiences that resonate with each audience. For instance, French customers can browse your site in their native language, see prices in Euros, and pay with their preferred payment method.  

Source: Shopify

Think of it as your all-in-one passport to international success. Here’s how Markets from Shopify streamlines your journey:

  • Effortless Localisation: Craft unique shopping experiences for each market. We’re talking localised domains, language options, and regional currencies – all designed to make your brand feel like a local favourite.
  • Automated Market Optimisation: Leave the nitty-gritty to Shopify. This feature automates tasks like currency conversion, tax and duty calculations, and even language translation, so you can focus on creating amazing products.
  • Centralised Command Center: No more juggling multiple platforms! Markets from Shopify lets you manage all your stores from a single admin screen. It’s a one-stop shop for streamlined operations and reduced complexity.
  • Market Flexibility at Your Fingertips: The platform allows for easy configuration, giving you the freedom to enter and exit markets based on performance and your strategic priorities. Test the waters, then dive deep – the choice is yours!
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Gain valuable insights and analytics on your market performance. This intel helps you understand what’s working and where to optimise your global strategy for maximum impact.

In short, Markets now makes it possible for you to create a unified brand experience across B2B, retail, and regional stores, all managed from a single platform. This powerful tool simplifies the process by providing the tools and automation you need to manage all aspects of your global vision efficiently. 

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2. Identify Customers Faster with Shop App Login

New updates to Shop Pay make identifying returning customers a breeze, leading to faster checkouts and happier shoppers. Here’s how:

  • Custom Avatars: Gone are the generic login screens. When customers log in with the Shop App, they see their own avatars, making the login process familiar and secure. It’s a small touch that goes a long way in building brand recognition.
  • One-Click Passkeys: Forget struggling to remember passwords. Shop App login utilises secure one-click passkeys, allowing customers to sign in with a single tap. This eliminates the need to enter usernames and passwords, saving them precious time.

The advantages are undeniable. Shop App login removes login frustrations, streamlines checkouts leading to fewer abandoned carts and ultimately, higher conversion rates. One-click passkeys provide a powerful security layer, giving both you and your customers peace of mind. 

The cherry on top? Custom avatars remind customers they’re interacting with a familiar brand, fostering trust and loyalty – a key ingredient for repeat business.

3. Supercharge Product Discovery with AI-powered Merchandising

Get ready for a product discovery revolution. Shopify Editions Summer ’24 introduces a completely rebuilt product taxonomy system powered by cutting-edge AI. This means your customers will find what they’re looking for faster than ever before.

Think of it like a super-powered filing system for your products. The new taxonomy boasts over 10,000 categories and 2,000 attributes, ensuring every item has a clear and specific place within your store. This ultra-organized structure, combined with the magic of AI, takes product discovery to a whole new level.

Here’s the inside scoop:

  • Effortless Searching: Customers can now find the perfect product with lightning speed. The AI-powered search understands user intent and delivers highly relevant results, even for complex searches.
  • Smarter Navigation: The improved taxonomy makes browsing your store a breeze. Customers can easily navigate through clear and concise categories, leading them straight to the products they desire.

This revamped taxonomy isn’t just a win for your customers. Managing thousands of products just got a whole lot easier. The clear organisation saves you precious time and frustration, while the improved search and navigation translate into happier shoppers. After all, when customers find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, they’re more likely to buy, leading to higher conversion rates and a boost in sales for your brand. It’s a win-win.

The AI-powered search and detailed taxonomy team up to instantly present a curated selection of relevant products to a customer searching for a particular product – for instance, a “floral maxi dress for summer.”

4. Image Search Filters: Find It Fast

Tired of customers wading through endless product pages? Shopify Editions Summer ’24 introduces revolutionary image search filters powered by the Search & Discovery app. This is a game-changer for both you and your customers.

Imagine you’re searching for a specific floral print dress but can’t quite find it among a vast collection of garments. With image search filters, you can simply upload an image of the desired floral pattern, and voila! Shopify’s AI instantly filters products, showcasing only dresses with that exact design element.

It’s like magic, but better! Image search filters go beyond basic colour swatches. Here’s how they empower your customers:

  • Filter by Design: Searching for a specific logo, pattern, or unique detail? No problem. Customers can upload an image of their desired element, and the filter instantly refines the search results.
  • Lightning-Fast Discovery: Gone are the days of endless scrolling. Image search filters help customers find the exact products they’re looking for in record time, leading to a more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience.

This isn’t just a win for your customers. It’s a win for your business too. Happy customers who find what they’re looking for quickly and easily are more likely to convert into paying customers and become loyal brand advocates. By streamlining the search process with image search filters, you can expect to see higher conversion rates and a boost in sales. It’s a recipe for success.

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

5. Offer Store Credit & Boost Customer Loyalty

Turn happy customers into loyal brand advocates. Shopify Editions Summer ’24 introduces the exciting ability to issue and manage store credit directly within your Shopify admin.  This powerful tool unlocks a wealth of benefits for both you and your customers.

If a customer receives a slightly damaged product, instead of a simple refund, you can now easily issue them store credit. This gives them the flexibility to make a future purchase when they’re ready, fostering goodwill and encouraging them to return to your store.

Here’s how store credit benefits your business:

  • Customer Loyalty Powerhouse: Store credit entices customers to return and use their credit, boosting repeat purchases and building long-term loyalty.
  • Happy Returns: Offering store credit for returns can leave a positive impression, even if a customer wasn’t initially satisfied.
  • Sales Sizzle: Store credit can be used as an upselling tool or a promotional incentive, leading to higher order values and increased sales.
  • Reduced Costs: Store credit keeps money circulating within your business, minimising cash outflows associated with refunds.

However, the benefits extend beyond your bottom line. Store credit offers a range of advantages for your customers as well.  It simplifies the return process, giving them more flexibility compared to traditional refunds. Unlike coupons with strict expiration dates, store credit often has a longer validity period, allowing them ample time to find the perfect item. 

This flexibility, coupled with the potential for personalised marketing offers using store credit, creates a more rewarding and engaging shopping experience for your customers.

Source: Shopify

6. Shopify Editions Summer ’24 Lets You Streamline Retail with Powerful POS Updates 

Good news for brick-and-mortar retailers. Shopify Editions Summer ’24 also brings a suite of powerful POS updates designed to make in-store operations smoother than ever before. 

Imagine a happy customer checking out at your store. With the new digital receipt feature, they can instantly receive their receipt via email, eliminating the need for paper printouts. This not only saves on supplies but also allows you to capture their email address for future marketing efforts.

Here’s how these updates will supercharge your retail business:

  • Staff Attribution: Finally, give credit where credit is due. The improved POS system allows you to easily attribute sales to specific staff members, making it easier to track performance and reward top performers.
  • Digital Receipts: Go green and streamline checkout. Digital receipts eliminate paper waste and provide a convenient way for customers to access their purchase information. Plus, you can collect their email addresses during the process, opening doors for future marketing opportunities.
  • Clearer Return Rules: Confusing return policies can frustrate customers. The new POS update allows you to display clear and concise return rules right at checkout, ensuring a smooth returns process for everyone.

These features combine to create a more efficient and customer-friendly shopping experience, ultimately leading to increased sales and happy customers.

7. Say Goodbye to Return Dramas with Reliable Rules

Thanks to new pre-defined return rules, there are no more return headaches. Return rules make in-store returns a breeze for both you and your customers.

We know all too well that retail fraud is a brand owner’s nightmare, but this new feature from Shopify is a step towards tackling the problem. Say a customer wants to return a slightly used item. With the new return rules feature, your staff can instantly verify if the return is eligible based on your clearly defined criteria. This eliminates confusion and ensures a smooth and efficient return process. 

Here’s why pre-defined return rules are a win-win:

  • Clarity for Customers: Customers can clearly understand your return policy right from the start, thanks to the easy-to-follow return rules displayed at checkout. No more guessing games!
  • Empowered Staff: Your staff can handle returns with confidence, knowing exactly which items are eligible and the timeframe for returns. This reduces confusion and saves everyone valuable time.
  • Reduced Disputes: Clear return rules minimise the potential for misunderstandings and disputes, leading to a more positive experience for both you and your customers.

Plus, you can set flexible return windows –  14 days, 30 days, 90 days, or even a custom timeframe. This allows you to tailor your return policy to your specific products and business needs.

With reliable return rules, you can say goodbye to return dramas and hello to happy customers.

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8. Entice Shoppers with Buy X Get Y Discounts 

Get ready to boost sales and customer excitement.  Shopify Editions Summer ’24 introduces the highly-anticipated “Buy X Get Y” discount option directly within your POS system.

Imagine you want to run a promotion offering a free limited-edition beach towel with every swimsuit purchase. With the new Buy X Get Y feature, setting this up takes just a few clicks.  This easy-to-use tool empowers you to create engaging promotions that drive sales.

Here’s how Buy X Get Y discounts benefit your business:

  • Increased Sales: These popular promotions incentivise customers to buy more, significantly boosting your sales.
  • Clear Customer Value: Buy X Get Y discounts offer a clear benefit to your customers, making them feel like they’re getting a great deal.
  • Inventory Control: You can tailor promotions to clear out slow-moving stock, optimising your inventory management.
  • Easy Implementation: The user-friendly interface makes creating and managing Buy X Get Y discounts a breeze.

With endless possibilities, Buy X Get Y discounts are a powerful tool to take your sales and customer engagement to another level.

Photo by Shopify Partners from Burst

9. Increased Transparency at Checkout: Split Shipping Made Easy

Empower your customers and streamline fulfilment with split shipping. Shopify Editions Summer ’24 introduces a powerful new feature that allows customers to see and select shipping options for each item in their order at checkout.

Imagine this: A customer wants to order a birthday gift that needs to arrive quickly, along with another item that can wait a few days. With split shipping, they can choose the fastest shipping option for the urgent gift while selecting a more economical option for the non-urgent item. This gives them complete control over their delivery experience.

Here’s why split shipping benefits both you and your customers:

  • Customer Choice: Customers can choose the ideal shipping speed and cost for each item in their cart, giving them more control and flexibility.
  • Transparency at Checkout: Clear displays of shipping options for each item eliminate confusion and ensure a smooth checkout process.
  • Improved Fulfilment: By allowing customers to manage their shipping preferences, you can streamline your fulfilment workflow and avoid unnecessary complications.

This innovative feature creates a smoother and more convenient checkout experience, ultimately leading to happier customers and, potentially, higher order values.

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

10. Developer Preview: Unlocking Theme Flexibility

Lastly, there’s exciting news for those who love to tinker. Shopify Editions Summer ’24 offers a glimpse into the future with a developer preview of groundbreaking theme customisation features.

We’re guessing you have a unique design vision for your online store. With the new style settings, you’ll have more control than ever before, allowing you to fine-tune the look and feel of your store across all devices, including mobile.

While these features are currently in developer preview, they hint at a future filled with even greater design flexibility:

  • Effortless Style Customization: A brand new “Style settings” category will empower you to fine-tune your store’s appearance more easily, including adjustments specifically for mobile devices. This means your store will look perfect on any screen!
  • Realise Your Design Vision: Enhanced theme blocks will offer us developers increased flexibility and customisation options. This translates to even more creative freedom for you, allowing you to design a store that’s truly unique and reflects your brand perfectly.

These are just the beginning. Shopify is continuously innovating to bring even more flexibility and design freedom to its merchants. Stay tuned for future updates that will allow you to craft the online store of your dreams.

Can’t wait to build the online store of your dreams?

Shopify Editions Summer ’24 is a treasure trove of powerful features designed to transform your online store.  From streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences to amplified marketing capabilities and design freedom, these updates empower you to take your brand to the next level.

Imagine a world where frustration fades, and your online store thrives. Customers find what they need in seconds thanks to powerful image search filters. You effortlessly cultivate customer loyalty by issuing store credit directly within your Shopify admin. In-store operations run like a dream with a suite of efficient POS updates. And the future of theme customisation empowers you to create unique and engaging shopping experiences. This is the future of Shopify, and it’s here today.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your online store?  

We can help!  Our expert team specialises in helping brands launch and scale their businesses on Shopify.  Request a copy of our brochure today to learn how we can transform your vision into a thriving online reality.

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